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Cieszyn - One of the oldest towns in Poland. Timelapse Movie. Jakub Polomski Photography… Read More
Cieszyn - One of the oldest towns in Poland. Timelapse Movie. Jakub Polomski Photography Music: Ludovico Einaudi - In a Time Lapse (2013) - "Experience" Read Less
Jakub Polomski Photography
Music: Ludovico Einaudi - In a Time Lapse (2013) - "Experience"
Time Lapse
my 1st  timelapse project
650GB  of all source data
19,439  photos taken
11 days of taking photos
59  scenes
5:20  duration time of final movie
20  locations
96°C  average temperature on all 4 cores of my CPU during rendering lasting for up to 10 hours :)
Canon 5D II, Canon 17-40 F/4 L lens, Canon 70-200 F/4 L lens, INDURO CT214 Carbon BX tripod, INDURO BHL2 ballhead, INDURO PHQ3 ballhead, graduated neutral density filters
Photo Gallery (frames from the movie)
Year of the first written mention of the town
Year of original founding of the town
Quantity of Prince Polo wafers produced in Cieszyn and exported to Iceland each year
40 days
Time of maturing Brackie beer before it comes on the market
Romanesque St. Nicholas chapel (rotunda), one of the oldest buildings in Poland appears on the reverse of Polish banknote
picture from website
Legend & History
According to a legend, in 810 three sons of a Slav king – Bolko, Leszko and Cieszko, met here after a long pilgrimage, found a spring, and in their happiness decided to found a new settlement. They called it Cieszyn, from the Old Polish words cieszym się ("I'm happy").
Historians claim that Cieszyn was established at the end of the 10th century. The first written mention of the town dates from 1155, whereas the original founding of the town took place between 1217 and 1223. At the end of the 13th century, Cieszyn became the capital of the Duchy of Cieszyn, ruled by the Piast dynasty until the middle of the 17th century when it was taken over by the Habsburg dynasty.
In 1920, the town was divided into two parts, with the left-bank part becoming part of Czechoslovakia and so creating the town of Český Těsín. During World War II, the towns became one again, only to be parted once more in 1945 to return to their pre-war state. Together the towns constitute an important communication centre on the joint Czech-Polish-Slovakian borders (there are three Polish-Czech border crossings). As district towns, they constitute the educational, cultural and administration centre for the whole of Cieszyn Silesia, on both sides of the Olza River. Together they form the capital of the Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion.
source text on website
Through Cieszyn
Cieszyn is located on polish and czech border, on the way from Krakow to Praha. Would you like to visit Cieszyn? 
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