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    Compilation Book for Modern Design and Traditional Techniques, 8 months Training Program in Japan
Compilation Document

Final book for Modern Design and Traditional Techniques, 8 months Training Program in Japan
Organized by Japan International Cooperative Agency, CONACYT and supported by Kyoto Institute of Technology
Some traditional washi papers were used in cover and inside of the book

Training program

Kyoto Institute of Technology
Mr. Shimoide Yutaro master of Maki-e
Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts
Kodaji Temple, meeting with Mr. Kitayama Master of Zen Gardening
Mr. Matsumoto, Master of Wooden Buddha Sculpture.
GK Kyoto Office
Zuiko-Kama Ceramic Workshop, Kiyomizu-yaki (kyo-yaki)
Yamada-Matsu Co. Ltd., Incense Shop
Shugakuin Imperial Villa
Kawashima Selkon Textile Co. Factory
Morimoto Decorative Metal Workshop Ltd, Morimoto Kazari Kanagu Seisakujo
Katsura Villa, the moon over the water
Softdevice Inc.
Nishijin Waving Museum and Factory, Orinasu-kan

On Site Research
Seto islands
Okinawa Craftsmanship
Yomitan Historical and Folk Craft Center and Zakimi Castle
Yomitan Pottery Village (Yachimun no Sato)
Tsuboya-Yaki or Tsuboya Pottery

Selected Museums and Exhibitions
21_21 Design Sight
21-Century Museum at Kanazawa
Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Center
Teshima Art Museum

Toru San Master of Kana-ami (金網) Metal Knitting
How I learn about Mr. Nakagawa a Living National Treasure of woodworking in Japan.
Interview with Nagai San
Interview with Ando Sensei
Visiting Mr. Nakawaga workshop and Interview

Tanino Sensei (谷野明夫先生)
Kumakura Isao Sensei, Professor Emeritus
Designer Tachikawa Eisuke from NOSIGNER

Collaborations and Design Projects
Yamamoto Lab Projects
Design Pro A
Sujiwa Kanaami
Zuiko Kama Workshop
L’Image du Son

Events Calendar
Museums and Exhibitions
Reference Books

** 2 units available at JICA Kansai (Kobe) and Kyoto Institute of Technology (Kyoto)