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    A documentary project about London Docklands by a photographer Imantas Selenis [ www.imantasselenis.com ]
About a year ago I aimed to explore former lands of historical Port Of London. Bellow you can see the map with marked area that I have been scouting for a past half a year, on Sundays before the sunrise. This area was and is mostly affected by ongoing urban redevelopment since 1980-ies. Through past 40 years deserted lands of Port were converted into residential property, commercial and light industry space. Docks have changed the face unrecognizable. Only old canal system or warehouses silently talks it's past nowadays. 'Docklands' is an ongoing documentary urban landscape project about probably most diverse area in London. Work in progress...
Short history: London Docklands is East End area situated in former lands of Port Of London. Docklands is a complex system of docks, warehouses and canals that effectively helped the industry to distribute goods within the city. After industrial revolution kicked in, between 1960 and 1980 when the shipping industry adopted the newly invented container system of cargo transportation, docks were closed and port was moved by the banks of river Thames to the North sea, leaving around 21 km² of derelict land in East London. In 1981 London Docklands Development Corporation was formed to redevelop the area. The massive development programme converted Docklands into a mixture of residential, commercial and light industrial space. It is now probably most emerging and diverse area in London.
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