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Oh, thanks! Gift shop branding

The client

The clients were two girls who had a service for creating individual gifts. Girls accept an order for a gift for a specific person. Then they form an individual box with different fillings. The client also deals with corporate gifts for the holidays.


The clients wanted to get a unique packaging concept for their gifts - Oh! Thanks

As a request, the clients said that they wanted something bright, modern, so that the packaging could be different from their competitors. The clients did not want to see pink and pastel colours in the implementation. It was necessary to develop a package, a box, posters, packaging of candles. The clients noted that the main reason for contacting their service is not knowing what to present, lack of ideas. 


I came up with an idea of a light bulb. Customers come to the service because they do not know what to present, and the service comes up with an idea for a gift - lights a light bulb. 
Based on this idea, the motto of this company comes in mind - Brighten Your Ideas.

So, I came up with a character - a lighted light bulb, which I used in further implementation. I chose yellow as the main colour (the glow of a lighted lamp), this colour is bright and was not used by the client's competitors. In the process of implementation, I created posters, a bag, boxes, an envelope, a version of a T-shirt and stickers. 

Since the implementation is based on an idea with a character, in the future it can be used for animation and customization for different holidays.
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Oh, thanks! Gift shop branding


Oh, thanks! Gift shop branding