It's always more difficult for me to take pictures when I'm back home. Everything feels familiar, normal. Naturally this makes it harder to find inspiration. However, it seems to me that it should be the opposite. This is home, the place I should know better than any other place in the world. A place I should be able to describe with ease. The strange thing is I can't exactly tell you what defines it, like a fish doesn't know it's in water because it's in it all day.

I've always thought that it was easier to take photos in unfamiliar settings because they were simply more interesting. As I reflect on my travels last year, it occurred to me that perhaps that isn't necessarily the case. Perhaps it's that I have a more basic understanding of these foreign places due to the short amount of time I spend in them that it's easier to generalise and create simplistic views much in the same way that we make assumptions about the people we meet within seconds.

Which brings me back to home. I've lived here for over a decade now and seen the many faces of this city. It's impossible to encapsulate such a variety of characteristics in one, cohesive series of photographs. So what I've done is put together a 'best of' album. Something which isn't reflective of life in general but more of a selection of the finer moments. 

Enjoy your stay, and when you get home you can tell them "oh, it was lovely".