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    Branding development – Dirty Linen
Dirty Linen
Brand development.
Dirty Linen is a premium bed linen brand that offers relaxed and fashionable bed linen with a playful and naughty twist.
We began this journey together with Dirty Linen's founder for almost 3 years ago. And we have been there in every step from the very beginning, from product design to branding to packaging.
Claiming the position of being the only premium naughty & fashionable interior- and lifestyle brand on the market, the demands on the branding was sky high. We needed to come up with a bold identity that would create a ”must-have” feeling and also be able to work on both national and international markets.
The result? A wide and creative platform solution that could hold both core-, as well as trend products and that communicates directly to those interested in premium products. 
The brand portfolio includes a range of logotypes, labels, stamps, business cards etc.