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Miniature Size Landscape - Final Season -
Landscape Photography
Miniature Size Landscape
- Final Season -
Landscapes of Grasses, Mosses, Ditches, and so on that spread at our feet. The small world hides a strange and beautiful landscape. I have been fascinated by this world and have made works 10 years ago. I hope you will enjoy the Miniature Size Landscape.

A dwarf that is a 1-inch tall go on an adventure in a familiar place. I use photographic art to capture that kind of imagination as a child. As we grow up, we get busy that we forget to imagine. I hope my work reminds you of the dreamy imagination you had as a child.
Giant leaf parasol
The giant leaves act as a parasol to block the strong sunlight.
It feels like a landscape from another planet.
A lake of fallen leaves.
This is the dwarf's favorite place to bathe in the lake.
You can also sunbathe on the leaves.
Snow cave.
Too small for humans to enter.
It's a dungeon for dwarfs only.

miniature size adventure  - The Movie  -
Autumn forest of dwarfs.
Acorns are often lying around.

summer forest of dwarfs.
Many small flowers fall from above.
A carpet of moss.
Moss spreading to the far side.
It's soft and comfortable to fall down.
Dwarf walkway.
This place has disappeared due to human construction.
We'll have to find another way.
shrubbery forest.
The roots of the shrub are the perfect height to sit on.
Lots of food in the crevices of the rocks.
Crabs, jellyfish, shellfish,...
Scorching Hell Maze
Some organisms are unable to escape from concrete ditches.
Some ditches are equipped with small escape stairs for them.
Unfortunately, this frog did not seem to be able to escape.

Valley of the pteridophytes
This is the kind of ditch where dinosaurs might come out.
Climbing the World Tree.
Many drops of water are falling from the sky.
Climbing up through the ivy.

My favorite resting place.
If you look closely, you can see mosquitoes taking a break, too.
This is a nice view.

The Japanese fairy tale "一寸法師(One-inch Boy)"
It is the story of the adventures of a three-centimeter-tall dwarf.
This photo is reminiscent of that very story.
It's one of the things that has influenced my photographic work.
This series will end with this Season 7.
I had been taking pictures for 10 years, not showing them to many people, but for personal research.
However, by posting them on Behance, I was able to show my work to people all over the world. And I was very happy to receive higher ratings and comments than I could have imagined. I am so grateful.
It made me realize that I should not be afraid to present my art.
I will continue to take photos for this series and will post them on Behance when I have more good ones.
Thank you very much.

Katsuhiro Ohkuchi
大口 勝弘
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Miniature Size Landscape - Final Season -