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Sailing Pavilion
Sailing Pavilion

This is a set of visualizations that we created for the William Olmsted Antozzi Office Of Architecture and Derek Pirozzi Design Workshop. This Sailing Pavilion is situated on one of the coasts of Florida State in the USA. This building is going to serve as a multi-purpose community, event, education, and office space focused on the world of sailing. 
Everyone who is interested in water sports such as sailing, kayaking, swimming, etc. will be able to enjoy this place and find numerous ways to take a rest under the sun and feel a fresh breeze while surfing the water. A perfect place for vacation, isn't it? Why don't you grab a boat and join us in the ocean?

Architecture: William Olmsted Antozzi Office Of Architecture & Derek Pirozzi Design Workshop
3D Visualization: Terodesign
Art-direction, Postproduction: Dmitriy Tereshchuk
Modeling, Lighting: Bogdan Yakushko, Alexander Milokostov, Andrey Korniychuk
Soft: 3dsmax, Coronarenderer, Photoshop
Location: 1717 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, FL 34236, USA
January 2021


Sailing Pavilion