TT Racing's new Maxx Series gaming chair, their highest range of gaming chair in their product line-up to date. They wanted to elevate the brand image and approached us to work on the promo film for this new product. 

Initially they wanted to brand this chair by going with the elegant direction. But after much discussion and consideration, the Moog Squad proposed to go with a more dynamic and energetic approach, as that will best fit their overall brand image and the name MAXX, and not to forget their target. audience are mostly energetic young chaps in the age between 16-45. 

The idea for the story is fairly simple. As we see materials forming, triggered by the energy from the X. There are also some electric sparks that is laid across multiple shots to tie back to the energy that we see from the. start. After all materials are formed, the different part of the chair comes together and lands on ground giving a slight impact to indicate sturdiness. Well, the rest of the film is pretty much straight forward where we highlight the USP of MAXX. 

Client : TT Racing

Produced & Directed By : Moog.

Executive Producer : Nicholas Lai
Creative & Animation Director : MChenn Lim
Art Director : KK Lai
Technical & FX Director : Cheng Jiun Hao
Animation : Lee Chun Hoe / MChenn Lim
3D Model : Quadimension Studio
Sound Design :  Two AM Music Global

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