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Adobe Live: Photo Editing and Printing
During my Adobe Live stream, I walked viewers through my editing and printing process for film scans in Photoshop from start to finish. 

Day One was dedicated to editing high res film scans. I demonstrated various editing techniques I have used over the years including levels, smart filters, camera raw, and clone stamping. 

Day Two segued into the printing process. During this stream we printed on a 17" roll of Moab Matte Lasal paper and walked through the basics of printing, as well as trouble shooting common tricky hurdles with matte paper. 
120mm negative scan of a landscape image of the Columbia Icefield
Working print of the edited scan (bus included). Print size 16x20"
Day One Live Stream
Final print of garden portrait, including brightened foliage. Print size 16x20"
Editing notes for the first initial print, compared with the second print. 
Screenshot of the final edited image.
Day Two Livestream
Adobe Live

Adobe Live


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