Hotel ClepsydraLas Vegas, NV
Located in Las Vegas, NV, Hotel Clepsydra was designed to provide its patrons with the unique opportunity to experience all seasons--Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter--at the same time.

The floor plan consists of four equal quarters (one for each of the seasons) positioned around a circular casino --representative of the annual cycle.  Seasonally-neutral spaces, such as the casino, draw inspiration from the inner workings of a grandfather clock -- which decends from the clepsydra, the ancient time telling device after which the hotel is named.

In addition to the distinctly decorated guest suites, each season boasts an attraction designed to enhance its own unique atmosphere.
Spring has long been considered a symbol of renewal and beginnings, so it seems appropriate that Hotel Clepsydra’s check-in desk be located in the Spring quadrant.  Here new arrivals will be greeted by the check-in staff and an incredible wall, exploding with hundreds of blossoming flowers.
Firefly Restaurant:
Firefly channels the feeling of being outdoors on a warm summer evening.  Contemporary in style, Firefly uses saturated, cool colors as a backdrop for hundreds of pendant lamps--each pulsating at random, like so many fireflies.  
Additional features include: outdoor dining, a sliding glass-curtain wall, and a shallow indoor/outdoor pool which glistens with the shimmering light of the “fireflies” suspended above.
Firefly Restaurant. 
Birch Nightclub:
Inspired by icy northern winters, Birch offers clubgoers the chance to experience the glitz and glitter of a winter wonderland, without the sub-zero temperatures.

Twisting, backlit pillars tower over a super-sized dance floor, featuring stages for go-go dancers and patrons alike.  Behind the DJ booth, guests can scribble their mark in a frosty touch-screen wall.  VIP passes grant access to the mezzanine, VIP lounge spaces, and a one-of-a-kind alcoholic Sno-cone bar.
King Suites:
Guests staying in King Suites experience the very best that each seasonal suite has to offer.  A personal patio, small lounge area, walk-in closet and king-sized bed are standard features in all Hotel Clepsydra King Suites.

Only Spring suites, however, feature an in-grade soaking tub which, at the push of a button, converts to a standing shower via sliding panels hidden in the floor.  Ceiling-mounted shower heads complete the illusion of bathing in a fresh spring rain.