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    Project 1: App Project
This was my first design. With this design I wanted to get my head around the sizes and how everything needs to look as a design and an app icon. The icon in the design is very unclear as when you shrink it down you can't read the text. The diamond idea came from thinking of coffee tables and impling it here. I like the colours but they don't really tie in with coffee. I will now look into using brown colours and using a good sized text within the design.
This is my second Idea. With this design I was just experimenting and seeing what I felt a good coffee app should look like. I really like the typeface, it gives a coffee like fell and the O in coffee looks like a coffee bean which is a nice touch. The app icon stands out and really works any size you put it, which is what I was looking for. The colours blend well together and you feel a sense on moderninity in the design. Overall I believe this design would work really well as a live app.
This design is my third idea. With this design I wanted to try something different. This time I started with the app icon instead of the main app. I really love the C in this design it looks like the handle of a coffee cup as well as standing for coffee. Adding the E makes you fill in the the rest of the word to spell coffee. I hadn't realised what I had done until it was pointed out in a formative assessment. I think this makes the design more viable. The design itself is lacking and doesn't really standout that much. I think for a start when I strunk it down to an Iphone size the type was too small and gets lost which isn't could for this kind of app when information is so important. I think there also needs to just be one colour of brown for the background, this may help with the text.
This is my final design. I have tried to take all the best parts from the three designs before this one. I really like the first page, you can instantly tell that the app is linked to coffe and this is very important. The background is a dark brown with the illusion of coffee beans placed on top. The app is designed to help users find out more about different coffees and where to find their favourite coffee shops. I believe the final app design does this very well. If I had to change one part of the design it would be the app icon. It doesn't seem to be as powerful as the main design also you wouldn't beable to see the cf from an iphone so therefore many people would know what the app was about.