• This little project is a result of 2 day workshop held by Lopuhinu sisters from Kiev, Ukraine. They are professionals in cyrillic lettering and are really popular graphic designers in Russia and Ukraine.
    The goal of this project was to make a lettering for the cover of the book. 
    The book, i was making lettering for is a russian version of "Bento's Sketchbook. How does the impulse to draw something begin?". It was written by american art critic John Berger and actually is a collection of essays and reflections of the writer. He is trying to imagine a diary of Benedict Spinoza. The diary is full of amazing sketches and it was very important for me to reflect the atmosphere of this book with the heading on the cover.

    Here are some photos of my working process, ilustrations from the book, the original book cover and the result of my work.
    Thanks for watching!