The Frontiers of Myths
art serie
Artist Statement
This serie is about the war in Bosnia and Kosovo in the nineties. Removing all the military dimension, the artist is focusing on the population touched by the horrors of war versus our confortable position of witnesses. Through my own perception, he removes of propaganda the too frequent images of horror we receive and make us ask questions about our sometimes unhealty relationship with medias. This is an attempt at acknowledging our responsability in those wars as cotizen of a country part of the UN. With the help of architectural construction inspired by the sociological theories of architecture, his artwork shows the vulnerability of the human body and the perverse effect of the war symbolism in an area distorted by ruins. Sometimes childish, sometimes complex, these constructions escape from logic and become narrative objects expanding throught the art.

ink (linocut stamps) on paper
15 sheets 20″x26″
complete artwork 108″x80″
Stamped 2361 times… one for each identified body of the Srebrenica massacre.
On July 7 1995, The  Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) under the command of General Ratko Mladić invaded the city of Srebrenica, located in a UN protected zone. During the whole week, the soldiers will capture and kill the population trying to escape the city. We estimate between 6000 to 7000 victims, most of them males of any ages.
2361 victims have been identified to this day.