UXD for Viessmann - Smart, Safe and Uncomplicated
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    Phoenix Design creates a completely new design for operating heating units. The result is smart, safe and uncomplicated – a whole new experience.
2013, Phoenix Design has created consistent user surfaces for the entire range of Viessmann products – from industrial facilities all the way to heating systems in privates homes. The result: the so-called user experience design. It allows both professional experts and inexperienced users to operate the devices more easily than ever before – even via smartphone and tablet apps.
Via the Viessmann Home Automation System, all functions around the home can be conveniently controlled – heating and lighting as well as the status of windows, doors and electric appliances.
View of a boiler facility. The Viessmann steam boilers are being operated via the new touch controls.

Before and after: the new touch panel shows a clearly better structured basic design.