The Tee Chair is based on the principles of emotional design and provides the user to an intimate connection with the product through its cozy proportion and use of materials, giving it a more simple and modern look.

The use of uncoated plywood aims to highlight the beauty of the material. The joints of the seat, backrest and support bars, generates more stability when sitting, and also creates segregated forms that contrast with the aesthetic homogeneity the chair profile.
Tee Chair is designed for a growing audience wich is linked to products that might be customizable or looks manufactured. Simple furnishings that allow customers to choose the application details. The goal is to make the user feel as if it were part of the production, while choosing the color and wherever it is applied, transforming it into something personal, that represents his lifestyle.
Tee Chair at Salão Design Movelsul 2014
3D Model
Model making 1:5 (extruded ​polystyrene)
Model making 1:1 (MDF)
Sheet planning, CNC and cuted parts
Cuted on CNC Router, the parts are planned in 20mm plywood with dimensions 1600mm x 2200mm. It is possible to manufacture 5 chairs each two sheets used.

Tee Chair