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    Roller Derby girl who needs to get her life together.
Character Bio:
     Kasey Jones is a brutal Roller Derby girl from 'The Pirate City' of Auckland, New Zealand.  In Kasey's life it's easy to say she's a let down.  As a 26 year old she should have her life together but has sadly found herself working as a "conductor" on a mini mall train for kids.  She never really wanted to do anything, never had that drive that her successful younger sister has, nor the thriving family of her older sister.  The middle child that's generally overlooked; she's a disappointment to her mother, a hussy on skates to her grandparents, and...well a bit of a confusion to her father, but he's just happy he ended up with one child into sports.
     Her teammates however are close friends and when she rolls into a bout, it's one of the few times in her life she knows she won't fall short of expectations.  For once Kasey Jones can be "Kraken Bones", the champion instead of the loser. 
    Fun Fact:  Kasey got her derby name not only from aggressive tendencies in the ring, but also a bad habit of cracking her knuckles.
Character Development:
Character Design:
     Her body involves a lot of exaggeration to her thighs and forearms.  I chose these mainly to make the point that she can do a lot of damage in the ring:  powerful legs to go fast and larger arms and hands to block.  I wanted to keep with a semi-pirate theme without being blatantly obvious.  This comes in mainly in the hair choice of dreads, and a modern day eye patch.  Also seeing as fishnets tend to be a staple of Roller Derby attire it seemed only right with this theme she should have them.  A smaller detail would be her gold earring on the left ear.
     Her skin tone comes from the Polynesian decedents that live in New Zealand having a more red undertone.  Despite this element, I based other colors purely off a "hey this is a drawing her colors don't need to be realistic"  musing.  In her world her purple hair is indeed natural, and the inside of her mouth and tongue uses bright oranges.
     Many serious derby players do end up with injuries.  Kasey broke her ankle in a previous bout and now bares the scar of it on her left leg.