Character Design
curated character designs from multiple projects
As an illustrator, designing characters is always one of my great interest.

During the last couple years
, I have the opportunities to work with different clients to create a few characters that I truly love. They range from self promotion character to company mascot, and character that use in TV advertisement.
Velcro Sheep

This is the character that I design for a boutique design company - Velcro Sheep. Client was looking for something with a sheep character with NZ attitude.

This is the character design that I illustrate for the company that share between me and Corinne. We would like to create some quarkiness in the company feel, as a result, we taken a water color approach on this character design in order to achieve an slightly less formal and friendly image for the company.
England here I come

This is the self promotional characters that I create for my friend Renee when she headed over to England couple years ago. She worked as a marketer and she would like to get a job in the similar industry in UK, so she would like to create a unique twist on her CV and portfolio by adding a character in it.
Ferrit baby season characters

I have created these characters under the art direction of Simon Dickey while I worked for Frontend Design. These characters were used as a promotional mascot during Ferrit huge baby products sale - they have been apply across media such as TV advertisement, website, and EDM etc.