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Maximum Speaker
Industrial Design
Design Concept
Today's speakers come with multiple functions. However, their functions are distributed across multiple spaces. Here's a speaker that puts all the features together to maximize functionality.​​​​​​​
The maximum speaker, as the name suggests, has a larger volume than most home speakers. ↑​​​​​​​
It can function not only as a general speaker, but also as an
AI speaker, wireless charger, and motion sensor. ↑​​​​​​​

To perform many functions, this product has a screen, a camera and a wireless charging cradle. ↑↑​​​​​​​
By having 4 large speakers, the performance as a speaker was also not missed. ↑​​​​​​​
A camera on the screen allows it to perform corresponding functions according to the user's motion. ↑​​​​​​​
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Designed by Gaon Park.
Maximum Speaker