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Soilmates, a gourmet avocado oil
Advertising photography for Soilmates, a gourmet avocado oil

We discovered Soilmates, the Dutch ugly duckling savior. It was love at first sight when they contacted us to commission the advertising photography campaign for their product launch. 

The startup, founded by three friends, rescues avocados that have been discriminated against in supermarkets for their “physical appearance”. They offer avocados a new life by turning them into a super powerful product: a healthy oil without additives.
Like all gourmet food products, Soilmates had an extraordinary packaging design, naming and a modern website, they only needed the photographs to close with a flourish.
Creative Direction
Visual Storytelling
Art Direction
Photography & Animation


To achieve this, we break down the project into four sets, considering the product’s strengths. Each set was oriented towards an individual storytelling in which the product appears integrated in a narrative context.
Given that the brand name places special emphasis on soil – Soil mates – we decided to use culinary ingredients with rough and irregular shapes, more earthy with an elegant aesthetic.
In addition, they wanted to connect the natural and organic aspect with the scientific side that supports the brand. Hence we incorporated some laboratory elements, and omitted the kitchen props that were too “human”.
As a result, we shoot sophisticated photographs that will show its authenticity and that won’t leave the media indifferent with the new brand!
Cooking high style! Hot Hot Hot!

This avocado oil has the super power of keeping the full potential of its nutrients even when heated at very high temperatures. Through the burning coal we refer to the culinary process of the barbecue with a crunchy result of potato, sweet potato and yucca chips when frying.
Healthy Oil is the great ally for a very warm kitchen 
From soil… Straight to your kitchen!

Healthy oil is a natural and sustainable product that comes directly from the soil. We started from this powerful idea to represent this attribute through a small forest of fresh moss, where the roots and the nutrients of the soil are connected with the more organic side of the product; a healthy jewel to be used in the kitchen in a versatile way.
A bottle full of superpowers, the best friend for a healthy life
100% avocado; a liquid source of antioxidants

We could not ignore the fluid quality of the oil and its star ingredient. To do this, we composed an image showing the deconstructed avocado next to a fountain of endives, which, like spoons, show the product in a sophisticated and poetic way.
The healthy liquid gold that you can’t miss in the kitchen
Heat, grill and savor!

What better way to approach cooking than through a little smoke, an element that connects us with the smell of ingredients and the heat of the stove. Thus, without a pan or fire, in a natural and somewhat chemical way, we set up a small fire with a roasted pepper accompanied by quaint and friendly vegetables.
An easy and healthy option for everyday cooking
Soilmates, a gourmet avocado oil

Soilmates, a gourmet avocado oil

Soilmates is a startup that gives ugly avocados a new life by turning them into a super powerful healthy oil. Discover all the details behind thi Read More