Making the Oscars Animations we wanted to play with the idea of Hollywood being an enclosed system in terms of both the films made there, and the people that make them.



Identical Oscar statuettes roam the facility on conveyor belts. They are being disasembled, melted, and then once again molded and reasembled, creating a hermetic system that so rarely allows any changes inside of their golden community.

Since our designers were working from home offices, communicating their ideas in visual way was really the key for staying on the same page throughout the whole process.

Altogether we have prepared a one huge scene, that we split into three pieces. Each of those pieces got it's own loop animation.


Creative Direction  –  Chris Gil
Art Direction  –  Witold Markiewicz
CGI Artists  –  Błażej Dolot, Mateusz Barański, Adrian Bączyk
 Tektura 2021

Software  –  3ds Max