James and the Giant Peach
Here is my entry for the Penguin Design award 2011, a competition to design a whole new cover look for the well known childrens 'James and the Giant Peach'- Roald Dahl :-
There were two main ideas that i developed for this project. I chose the design above as i feel it is more suited for its target audience (10-12 yr olds). It is actually a Papercut image i carved which incorporates silhouettes of the characters in the story pointing towards their dream. The design also incorporates the shape of a peach along with the curvature of the text. The texture of the background was achieved by experimenting with paint and tissue paper then photocopied and enlarged. I am overall happy with this design!
This was my other idea which i like just as much, however i feel this would suit an older age group. The idea of this design is James journey into the peach. I experimented with papercut images and my torch to create beautiful silhouettes that show the figure of the boy. The circular orange glow resembles the peach, this is mirrored on the back cover.
Copyright Charlotte.estelle