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    D&AD 2008 Fuse magazine brief by Research Studios. The package.
This is a D&AD 2008 brief from Research studios. The goal was to create new package for the infamous FUSE magazine as long as some promo materials and a new experimental font.
1. The vacuum-sealedpackage, that is made of black reflective plastic is the mailer that issent out to the subscribers. It has a round sticker with briefinformation about the issue on the front and another sticker withsubscriber’s mail-address on the back.
2. There’s a box inside the plastic bag with die-cut “FUSE“ logo on the cover, through which one can have a look into the package.
3. Opened box reveals the insides. There’s a pack of posters as long as a usb flash drive.
4. The empty box looks like this. The black styrofoam
frame is glued to the cover. It also has a small niche for the flash drive.
5. Up to five posters inside are shure to become collectors items in the future, as the pressing is limited.
6. The usb flash drive is made of plain white plastic with the“FUSE“ logo and the number and theme of the issue printed on one side. It contains all the data provided for the specific issue(the fonts, posters in high resolution,a pdf with information on the theme, the fonts and their authors).
The posters:
Some extra renderings of the package: