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    Logo for Photography business
In 2010 Brad Letcher of Chaos Photography contacted me about working together to help rebrand Chaos. Thus, began the creation of one of my favorite logos.
Brad had heard about me through my work with Chaun Peterson for which I had designed his racecar paint schemes. I had the pleasure of designing for Chaun, after his dad, my high school geography teacher, saw me doodling in class. This proved to be one of the best examples of networking, and knowing the right people at the right time, that I have experienced
The design that Brad and I ended up with was far from the original idea that we had set out for. Brad had some concepts in mind that we tried to make work, but after a few variations we decided to try a different route. He explained to me that overall he wanted a design that would be easily recognizable, reproduceable, and would stand the test of time.
The final design was nothing over the top crazy, yet still catches attention at the track.
It's always great to design for someone as flexible about their designs as Brad was. Not many people would allow their original concept to be scrapped for a completely different design, and for that I thank Brad for his understanding nature and trusting me to rebrand his business.