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Personal branding & resume
For my own branding I got inspiration from my past. 
A few words came to mind while thinking back.

hard - smooth - clinical - roundiness - regenerating

I also set some design guidelines for myself. I wanted a simple, structured and icon like logo which can be used in various forms and still be recognizableNeedless to say it had to contain some sort of personal element.
The movement of a hip and hinges from my corset became my biggest inspiration.
The circular form transforms into various forms and stands symbol for regeneration.
For more info, read the story. Or scroll down and enjoy my branding.
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I was a very active kid until I got a condition at the age of 7. It started with pain in my left foot and over a period of time the pain went up to my hip. At some point I wasn't able to stand without being in pain. A lot of doctors didn't knew what to do, so I had numerous tests and scans. After a while I ended up with a doctor specialized in hips. He told me I had a condition called Legg Calvé Perthes. X-rays showed my femoral head went necrotic due to lack of blood flow. This means it severely deforms and thereby losing it's round shape. As a consequence it doesn't fit in the round hip socket anymore, which makes it painful. The picture above is taken when I was 8 years old.
More info on this condition
To treat this I was given a few options which all involved little to none moving, walking or sporting, which was very hard for me. Left without a choice my parents and the doctor chose to treat me by letting me wear a corset. This corset would keep my legs spread far apart to maintain the best position for the healing process. For 4 years and 5 months I wore this day and night. Every month included a MRI scan to evaluate the process. Finally at 18 years old I was told it had healed to a 'low concern' stadium, meaning it was almost round again. I do have to be careful not to overload my hip with extreme sports or running. 
I'm well aware that there are a lot of other far more worse conditions out there. Big respect for those fighting it. But this was a difficult period, emotionally and physically, and it defined me as the person I am now. This means I could have been a top sportsman, but instead I discovered a passion for design and creativity.
So there you have it, my inspiration for my own branding.
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Minimal Float Wall Desk from Orange22 Design Lab. Designed by Dario Antonioni. I absolutely love this.
Personal branding & resume

Personal branding & resume

This is my personal branding project based on a condition which made me to who I am. The next step is an exciting job which I hope to find soon.


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