What if furniture could levitate and provide outstanding ergonomics and functionality at the same time? With this thought in mind we have created Furnicloud.​​​​​​​

The system

Furnicloud is a bunch of furniture modules stuck in the rod forest with lots of accessories and outfit options. Furnicloud can be a shelving system, floor lamp, mirror, box, hanger and a lot more.

The rods carry infrastructure function of the system. The boxes attached to the rods form a stable structure, unique for every setup.

Also the rods are responsible for additional modules layout such as mirrors, lights, hangers and other extra features.

Boxes are the main type of storage for Furnicloud. Boxes may have doors, drawers and shelves. Doors can be suspended to both left and right. The number and size of the drawers is optional.

Furnicloud has the ability to be equipped with additional features. For example, a magnet for keys, a hanger, a tiny coin plate, shelves, acoustic screens and so on.

As produced from aluminium, Furnicloud can have many variations of finishes. You can choose the color, coating and perforation options according to your style. The number of possible combinations is infinite!

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