Sweet Nostalgia Postcards / 2021

"Sweet Nostalgia" is a special edition of a box package set from Dreyk the Pirate, which includes 3 postcards, a thanks giving card & a set of three sticker stamps.

  Postcard offset prints: Kontorousis  |  Postcard paper: Perrakis papers
Box set goodies silkscreen prints: Fuzzink   
Photography, Direction & Film: Stefanos Milionis  |  Illustrations: Dreyk the Pirate  |
Compositing & Animation: Konstantina Tsigka  |  Music Production: Brake  |  Sound Design: 64visions

The original idea

The basic idea was creating a postcard box set product by a series
of illustrations, which had as main reference the nostalgic feeling of a local person living in old Greece. 
Three scenes from ordinary daily routine from a cafe,
a market flea and a barber salon.

About the illustrations

After sketching freehand with ink pen on paper, the illustrations were scanned and coloured in Photoshop, as each illustration has its own palette.

Main illustrations for postcards

Colouring process

The stickers

Each of the stickers has its own colour palette, matching each own post card.

Making the video

We decided to produce a promo video a day before the release of the product.
The story is that someone wakes up and feels the desire to send a postcard to his favourite person. So, on his way to the post office, he passes a flea market, a barber shop and a cafe, and in all scenes a unique character from each postcard illustration appears animated in every scene. All shootings were done in Pagrati area in Athens, and
 after filming we proceeded to the animation process.

Stills from the video

The animation

All characters were animated frame by frame in Toon Boom Harmony. 
The final composting and export was done in Adobe After Effects.

Line art process

Colouring process

The final product

All postcards were printed by Kontorousis print, with Fluo Offset print method
on 10 x 15 cm size / 600gsm Munken Polar by Perrakis paper.
The box and the goodies were screen printed by Fuzzink crew.


All photos were taken at Space9 studio.

"Sweet Nostalgia" is available here

​​​​​​​ Also available at:

Flessa 1, Plaka, Athens

Geor. Drosini 7, Kifisia

Papa Alexandrou 2, Heraklion, Crete

Thanks for watching!

Sweet Nostalgia Postcards / 2021
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