Pigeon Baby Cutlery Series
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    A cutlery set for Pigeon that encourages interactive meal-times while minimizing fuss.
Pigeon Baby Cutlery Set
Design strategy, product design & packaging

Pigeon, a market leader and trusted Japanese brand in baby products wanted to redesign their baby tableware. We repositioned their products by creating an interactive feeding experience between mom and child for this project.
Babies don't read, but moms do. And when moms start to mouth out the words on each utensil, mealtimes become interactive. That's why there are molded 'labels' on each utensil/cutlery.

The series are also in lollipop-candy goodness, giving a bright, cheery point of attraction to tempt and entice babies in every bite.
Another key concern was hygiene. Mothers are observed to be extra-cautious when placing the feeding spoon: the spoon can easily get contaminated, and the tabled dirtied in the process. To put an end to this frustration, the utensil tips were designed so they'd never contact the table surface.
The success of this designed-in-Singapore series on the market pan-Asia has led to it being introduced in the Japanese home market - a first for the local corporate office.