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Monstrous Moments - By TheCostilla

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In the life of monsters, not everything is scares and horror 👻​​​​​​​

Monstrous Moments was born from the idea of ​​understanding reality from another point of view and questioning paradigms, through a question as simple as: What is it like a day in a monster life?. We all know his horrifying side, but only during his job, in a Netflix series, in a movie, etc. I bring you this simple illustrated answer, which I hope will awaken new ways of seeing the world, which often gets a bit boring.


Did someone say Monstrous Book? ...

Some sketches 🧐​​​​​​​
The sketch does not always match 100% with the final piece, in the process some ideas mutate and evolve.

Have fun 😎!
All monstrous moments!
Thanks for watching! 👋

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Monstrous Moments - By TheCostilla