Smoking Pirate
Hello! My name is Nikolay Kvartnikov and I work as Art Director and CG artist at Fiero Animals studio.
For the two-year anniversary of how I quit smoking, I decided to make a personal project "Smoking Pirate"
for the portfolio of our studio.

It was quite an interesting challenge to sew all the clothes, belts, bags, boots and hat in the Marvelous Designer.
At first, it was all sewn on an ordinary guy and then an additional simulation was made on the skeleton
to get the characteristic folds on the clothes.

Modeling, sculpting, creating the textures of the characters. jewelry, and other details were done in Blender.
Rendered in Blender Cycles.
The treasure cave was created using Quixel Megascans and Sketchfab models.

Special thanks to my friend and business partner Eugene Sidelnikov for the nice feedback and support.

This project was a great journey into the atmosphere of pirates, various gorgeous references, new experiences
and a lot of interesting work!
Take care and don't smoke :)

Production: Fiero Animals
Art-direction: Nikolay Kvartnikov, Eugene Sidelnikov
Concept, modeling, sculpting and visualisation: Nikolay Kvartnikov

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Some "extra" images :)

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Smoking Pirate