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Brent Kloecker, Other Activists, and PETA Bark at 'Pooc
Brent Kloecker, Other Activists, and PETA Bark at 'Pooch Perfect'
Pooch Perfect is a new dog-grooming competition. The series presents the nation’s top pet stylists as they complete challenges for a chance to win the $100,000 grand prize. During the March premiere, participants transformed a white dog into a skunk and dyed a poodle hot pink. Hosted by actress and comedian Rebel Wilson, each episode focuses on a theme. Disney-inspired characters and holiday-themed makeovers have already been featured.

Despite debuting with 3.9 million viewers and winning its time slot, not everyone is wagging their tails in excitement over this competition. In fact, critics are shaking their fists instead. Advertised as taking these dogs from “scruffy to fluffy,” the series is less “cute” and more “cringe” for some viewers. From the beginning, animal rights activists immediately took to social media to voice their outrage. Brent Kloecker and others have expressed concern over the treatment of these canine contestants. PETA was quick to issue a statement, denouncing the series.

“Dogs trust us to keep them safe, but shows like Pooch Perfect can encourage people to treat them as if they were things to decorate, like a ceramic pot, giving them dangerous at-home dye jobs, which not only carry the risk of an allergic reaction or fatal toxic poisoning but also stress them out,” the organization commented to The New York Post. “The dogs used on this show aren’t things but beings, and they deserve to curl up at home with a loving guardian — instead of having to put up with being leashed to a countertop and painted and prodded by strangers for hours on end.”

But, creators have defended the series, pushing back on this “at-home” characterization. Each stylist is an experienced professional. The show has even warned audiences with a “Do not try this at home” disclaimer. Pooch Perfect claims that safety is always the main concern and has hired veterinarians as consultants. These doctors oversee which products are nontoxic and safe to use on the furry models. The competition has also enlisted its own animal activists to give it more credibility. Wilson’s mom is an accomplished, international all-breed judge. The reality star and producer Lisa Vanderpump is one of the show’s three judges. In addition to owning a shelter and foundation, Vanderpump has testified on animal rights before Congress.

While these credentials seem impressive, they have done little to quiet critics. Pooch Perfect will continue to air on Tuesday night. However, the controversy is poised to continue as well. It seems the show perhaps has bit off more than it can chew.

Brent Kloecker is a big fan and supporter of the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. “Cesar’s work is very helpful to both dogs and their owners,” Brent Kloecker shared. “The viewers of his show can learn so much from it.”

On The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan is a self-taught trainer who worked to rehabilitate dogs with behavioral problems by using behavior modification techniques to establish dominance over the troubled animal. Millan offered owners suggestions on how they could become their pet’s “pack leader”, consistent with the theory that dogs are pack animals. This combined with the philosophy that exercise, discipline, and affection are required “in that order” for dogs to be healthy and balanced.

Brent Kloecker strives to promote this show and shows like it as healthier alternatives to shows such as Pooch Perfect.

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Brent Kloecker, Other Activists, and PETA Bark at 'Pooc

Brent Kloecker, Other Activists, and PETA Bark at 'Pooc