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the future is outside

STRONG STRATEGIC CONSULTING NEEDS A STRONG BRAND. A brand strong enough to represent the changes and transformations it is able to create. After many years of both in the national and international market, it was time to reposition its image and align it to its differentiated characteristics: personalized service, the innovative character of the projects, the ability to hear and understand the audience and the attention paid to every detail to create impactful results that are focused on the future. That was what the consultancy's new image needed to portray, reaching strategically an audience who would be able to realize all the value that could be added through the services that they offered. Thus, a complete project was developed for the creation of the brand that would then represent a new positioning: Saad.

looking outside
After an extensive research and analysis process, the essence of the outsider was built — looking from different angles — and also under its three main drivers that would guide all the brand strategies: the search for all the voices, all the details and for the future. From that, a flexible and human brand was created, a brand that relates to its customers — which is exactly what can be expected from all of the brands under the Saad’s signature. A minimal visual identity portrays a sort of craft-like appeal in its pieces. It can then relate to the exclusivity and personalized service offered to its customers.

new clients and consolidated brands
New clients and projects for companies that are consolidated and stand out in their sectors are some of the results for Saad after its repositioning. Our case was featured in branding and design books by publishers such as, Sandu Publishing, Hightone Books, and Design and Design, besides, being featured on online publications like, For Print Only, Branding Served, New Grids, and Papers Specs. The branding strategies not only influenced the brand itself, but helped direct it even further to the kind of work offered to its clients, positively interfering in the quality of the results. The proof is in the recognition these projects received from prestigious awards, along with mentions in several national and international publications in specialized media.


Trend List
Featured on the website. United States.

Monochrome: Branding in Black & White 
Published in a book by Sandu Publishing. China.

11th Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico
Finalist in the Branding & Brand Identity — Identity System. Brazil.

IDEA Brasil Awards 2014
Finalist in the Design Strategy category. Brazil.

FPO: For Print Only (UnderConsideration) 
Featured on the website. United States.

New Grids 
Featured on the website. France.

Paper Specs 
Featured on the website. United States.

Branding Served (Behance) 
Featured by Adobe trusteeship on Behance. United States.

Design and Design 
Featured on the website. France.

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