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    Rebranding of Growag - the biggest Polish company offering technological solutions for the rail industry.
corporate identity
Growag, the biggest Polish company offering technological solutions for the rail industry, asked us to set a new point in their history and design their entire brand identity from scratch.
We‘ve developed a complete corporate identity starting from the design of a unique logotype.
The characteristic details in letters relate to the seat components manufactured by Growag while the overall simple and definite form of the logotype emphasizes long-standing tradition plus the commitment & experience of the staff who have been behind the company’s success since 1972.
For corporate identity our choice was simple: a combination of quality paper stock with a silver hot stamp printing technique to accentuate the new logo. Antalis Keaykolour Navy Blue and Olin Regular Absolute White had a well-balanced structure with the feeling between raw and prestigious paper.
Apart from the aforementioned printed matter our role was also to design and develop the new website and a wide range of promotional materials. For that purpose, it was necessary to create a brand imagery base. The decision to move away from the stock images was easy.
Together with Karol Wysmyk & his photojournalistic eye, we've tried to combine pure moments in the work of Growag employees, with production elements showing some finer details. Black and white photographs were taken in industrial corridors of a factory where employees showed us their territory, along with objects and elements they were responsible for.
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