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Q-lounge: urban para-site
Memories on how we built the Q-lounge, only sit-without-buying lounge terrace in the Schönhauser Allee in Berlin.
Q-lounge is a collaborative urban intervention of K67_Urban Router platform  and  iconwise. It was built as a response to the decline of micro-public spaces in the area between Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg.
The public lounge was made out of wooden concrete-foundation leftovers from the neighbouring Platoon Kunsthalle.  The new space has re-activated an abandoned spot ine te Schönhauser Alle and has been used by other "guest" interventions, businesses and artistic installations.
 beer from Späti ?   No problem.
choosing/playing your favorite song from our 'kiosk cloud' publicly
more information about the kiosk here: http://paraartformations.net/
lunch break at Q-lounge
Remora architecture.... the Q-lounge next to its guest project.
An extension of the Q-lounge and 'pop-up' store / credits: Mando Footloose
bosso fataka streetart, credits: Remake Festival
before and after
Das Team: Miodrag Kuč ( Q ), Stefan Helbig, Jan Bovelet, Juan Ayala (me)
Q-lounge: urban para-site

Q-lounge: urban para-site

Lounge Terrace in Mitte / Prenzlauer Berg Berlin