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Rising Chronograph
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Rising Chronograph

The Rising Chronograph is a contemporary watch driven by the essence of Scandinavian design with a tribute to classic Chronograph watches. With a narrative that is about that times change and what change do to us people over time, it's all about a rising. To rise, to grow as human beings. This is reflected in the design that features a long-lasting, comfy silicone strap in earth colors with a two toned steel case and a dial with inspiration from traditional Bauhaus watches.

Personal work

The challenge

The challenge with the Rising Chronograph was to design a watch that has the look and feel of a traditional chronograph. But with certain details in the materials and shape that makes it both fresh and timeless.

During the ideation, the idea of having a two colored watch case emerged. The aim with this feature was to incorporate the meaning of "change" that is a part of the Rising brand; the changing that all humans go through in life. This sharp contrast would also contribute to give the watch a more dynamic look.

Storytelling through the brand

The main inspiration for the brand was a sunrise. There is something both symbolic and poetic about this - the rising of a new day; the rising of us as human beings as time passes by. Times change, nothing is static - the world is always in motion and constantly evolving. Somehow, nothing is more suitable to reflect this theme than in a watch.

The idea with the packaging experience was to make it a bit different from traditional watch packagings. The focus was in the choice of materials; a molded cork inlay that holds the watch together with a rough textured cardboard for the outer sleeve and lower box. All 100% recyclable.

Rising Chronograph