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    Expanse Collection.
This body of images was taken in Namibia, a country that is so open and dry with the most surreal landscapes. At times when I was driving along the harsh long corrugated roads the distances would linger and then I would have to stop, as the landscape in the distance had called out long enough for my attention, and with that I would give it the respect it deserved by getting my camera out of its bag.
Additional Information
ARTIST: Sandy McLea
COLLECTION: 4 Artworks
EDITIONS: 30 Prints
MEDIUM: Giclee Print
IMAGE SIZES AVAILABLE: 54 x 30cm, 90 x 50cm
Artworks are sold Print & Frame or Print only.
If you require more info on purchasing artworks, email me at info@sandymclea.co.za
Expanse #2
Expanse #4