Nature vs. nurture?
This was my submission to the latest challenge by Data Visualization Stockholm called “Nature vs. nurture?”. This time we could use an election data of Stockholm County from 2018. There were few constraints such as explaining the data without the usual charts and maps and using a metaphor from nature.

In my inspiration and design, I used a lovely plant called Linnaea borealis - twin flower - grows in Sweden and called after the famous botanist, so cannot be a better connection. Parties are represented as each plant; colours are references to their logos.

As the plant grows on the grounds it is connected by its tendrils, so I mapped out the municipalities of Stockholm County with the help of Tableu, created some charts as a visual aid and “planted” the flowers.
And the question is “Did grow a different Linnaea borealis at the municipalities of Stockholm county in 2018?”.

Shall we answer?
Nature vs. nurture?
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George Gergovacz