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    A collection of commercials spanning seven years.

What Will You Discover?
Luray Caverns

CD/CW: Matt Walker
AD/CD: Donald Bullach
ECD: Kipp Monroe
Production: Engine Pictures
Director: Gary Grieg
EP: Stephen Kern

Agency: White + Partners
Client: Luray Caverns
Here's what I've discovered: When you work with a client you love, the work only gets better. The "What Will You Discover" campaign is now in its 7th year. Easily my longest running body of work. And year-after-year, it's delivered. During our economic downturn, it delivered. During a time when folks just weren't traveling, it delivered. Even during the advent of the "staycation," it delivered. Ticket sales for the caverns have been on a steady growth path during the campaign. Sasha and Malia Obama saw the spots, badgered their mom (the First Lady), and the caverns played host to the First Family. The tagline for the campaign, "What Will you Discover?" has grown into a rock-solid brand for Luray Caverns - encompassing all of their internal communications, advertising materials, and an annual "Discovery Day" in Luray, Virginia.
Here's a collection of  "What Will You Discover?" TV spots we've produced over the years. They're designed to playfully showcase the majesty of the caverns, highlight the additional attractions to experience, and tell simple stories that bring people together in an underground wonderland.