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    Informational booklet to publicise Watch This Space, a series of live creative events, curated by Red Bull in Manchester's Northern Quarter. The … Read More
    Informational booklet to publicise Watch This Space, a series of live creative events, curated by Red Bull in Manchester's Northern Quarter. The booklet summarises the day's events, and includes a street map showing the participating venues. Bios of the participating artists are also included, along with a page advertising the after party, presented by Red Bull Music Academy and Hoya:Hoya. Read Less
On October 22nd, Red Bull curated Watch This Space, a series of live creative events held in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. In collaboration with local artists, credible local bars were host to these creative talents who set to work permanently transforming spaces within. Audiences could see the final touches being made throughout the afternoon before rounding off with an after party, hosted by Red Bull Music Academy and Hoya:Hoya.

SuperCrafts was commissioned to design a map and informational booklet for public distribution. The specification were that it needed to be A3 in size and printed in 3 colours. A cover would need to be made, with artist bios, and a section to publicise the after party. It also had to be a handy size. A format was suggested that put a street map of The Northern Quarter on one side of the A3 sheet, indicating where the venues could be found. The other side would be printed with all the other information so it could be folded into a booklet. With this idea agreed upon, content was gathered and the booklet compiled.
In keeping with Red Bull’s brand colours, a relatively understated design style has been adopted, so the focus remains on the Red Bull brand and the featured artists. A hand made texture has been used throughout to suggest the nature of the work being created at the venues.
A set of artistic birds are also woven throughout the booklet, including the front page. Their treatment has been kept minimal so there is no suggestion this is the work to be created the venues. Typography throughout the booklet extends from the typefaces used for Red Bull Curates and Red Bull Music Academy. The layout has also been kept uncluttered, so information can be easily found. Artist names, websites and designated venues are all included.
The back page has been reserved for the after party and designed much like an event flyer. Order and importance of information  is very much at the core of this page layout. Once folded and cropped, the booklet was 14cm square. This meant it fit easily in the pocket. Thanks to Indigo Litho printers for recommending the perfect paper stock for printing and folding.
The events that day resulted in some great artwork that can still be seen at the participating venues. The after party was also a well attended event with performances that were very well received. Much thanks to everyone involved at Red Bull. A special thanks also to Tasha Whittle and Jonny Dub for organising the event.

If you would like to see some of the live art created, below is a list of the artists with the corresponding venue:
Savwo artwork can be seen at Trof Northern Quarter
Dr.Me artwork can be seen at The Whiskey Jar
Tank Petrol artwork can be seen at Cord Bar and Road House
Benjamino artwork can be seen at Lust, Luck, Liquor & Burn
Tasha Whittle artwork can be seen at Tusk
Chris Dorning artwork can be seen at Apotheca
himHallows artwork can be seen at Soup Kitchen
Video by Alex Morgan