Submission for ISTD 2013
Same as many other countries, United Kingdom have various accents. Particularly, the typical
accents are those from London in the south, from Liverpool in the west and from Scotland
in the north, as well as other new dialects brought by the migrants. Therefore, the accents are
regarded as the benchmark for the social status. Accents reveal the personal information to
some extent. For example, accent can tell us whether this person comes from the countryside
or city, and whether he receives good education or not.
The following recording was found under the category of Accents and Dialects on the website
of British Library Sounds. This recording comes from an interview. The conversation follows
a loose structure based on eliciting opinions about accents, dialects, the words we use and
people’s attitude to language. The three interviewees are all Mauritians who have Indian backgrounds
and are studying in England.
Based on this recording, I gain new insight into the London accent. I used to equal the London
accent to the Standard English like BBC radio. In my view, London accent was the representative
of the most traditional English accent. However, as I have lived in United Kingdom
for a while, London accent is the tag of a certain group. London is just like a melting pot that
attracts people from the world. Some of people who have dreams and they pursue them and
then come to London. Others are just common workers. But these people redefine the London
accent: Nothing is more important than exchanges of the ideas.
So it inspires me to compare the London accent to Tetris, the famous game, in my booklet.
Both Tetris and London accent share one thing in common. That is, people from all over the
world swap thoughts through English in London pleasantly, just as different parts with different
color are changed in the Tetris game.
According to this idea, I chose type font of Futura, which was designed by Paul Renner in
1927. This type font have the Bauhaus’ design style of simplification and elegance while it also
enjoys the reputation of standardization and has its own characteristics. I think it can best
illustrate my idea of game-like London accent. Specifically, the contexts of Booklet are collected
one chapter, London, from the book Poems On The Underground. This book concludes all
the poems of the underground in London. The reason why it is chosen is that Underground
is the most important vehicle for citizen in London. So it can demonstrate part of the lives in
London. In addition, the book absorbs poems from different periods, educations and social
status of poets. These poems reveal different views of London from these poets’ perspectives.
Submission for ISTD 2013

Submission for ISTD 2013

Submission for ISTD 2013

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