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潤 Warmth
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潤 Warmth

This building is located in the bustling city of Taipei. The homeowner adores a quiet, simple, natural, and unsophisticated atmosphere. Accordingly, we used a substantial amount of warm-colored wood and cement, satisfying the homeowner’s needs for “three-generations under one roof” and “a sense of family” in a space consisted of three bedroom, two living room.We raised the ceiling as high as possible to eliminate the pressure created by a small space; used a large number of circles and arcs to evoke a sense of smoothness; and added rounded corners to various areas of the internal space for visual comfort and to protect the safety of older adults as well as children at play.In addition to wood and cement, we incorporated a combination dark green, copper, and gold software and hardware to imbue the space with a sense of steadiness, elegance, and nobility. The door panel features a woven board to symbolize the devotion, care, and love of the three-generation family members for one another as well as the fact that home will always be their safe haven.
23 Design inc. / Residential / Taiwan Taipei 2019
潤 Warmth