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It was the winter of 2010 David Warner (ECD) and Craig Lovelidge (CD) of Strawberry Frog invited me to join their creative team working on the new global brand platform for Emirates. April 2012 Emirates' 'Hello Tomorrow' campaign launched. An integrated marketing communications campaign with a new brand promise as Emirates continued its evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand. Our campaign positioned the global airline as the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences.
In copy you’ll notice that ‘Tomorrow’ is referred to as an entity on its own. I intended to portrait ‘Tomorrow’ as if it is someone you can actually meet and share thoughts and experiences with. As if ‘Tomorrow’ has a mind of its own, inviting you to engage. I meant it to ensoul the tomorrow in the pay-off we conceived for Emirates: ‘Hello Tomorrow.’

Rather than focus on sleeper seats and in-flight meals, we wanted to take ownership of this new, highly inspiring global mindset. 'Hello Tomorrow' is an open-arms greeting to our new borderless world, and positions Emirates as the first real global airline, inspiring interconnectedness and open-mindedness among every class of traveler.

the thinking behind the campaign

Emirates is not just offering a way to fly people from point A to point B, but is the catalyst to connect people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations: Connecting people and cultures creating relevant and meaningful experiences that are shaping the world.

all photography by Maurice Heesen

Amsterdam: where this campaign was born!

Milan & Wellington


The campaign launch featured print, TV, digital advertising including some iconic billboards from New York’s Times Square to Milan’s central train station. A series of vibrant messages that represent the spirit of Tomorrow – Tomorrow Brings Us Closer to; New People, New Experiences, New Styles, New Friends, will bring Emirates’ new vision to the marketplace. Later I would also be invited by HAVAS Amsterdam, to help the creative team there find the right tone of voice for Emirates' social media campaign.

Bangkok & New York

the image on the right is not just a cropping of the left one... Notice how cultural differences censor creative output...

'Hello Tomorrow' is about inspiring people to greet tomorrow’s unlimited potential, now. 'Hello' is a greeting, an invitation to a person, a place or an experience. 'Tomorrow' is the unlimited possibility of the future, a time, a place, a state of mind, a person you love to get acquainted with.

'Globalistas' represent individuals who are living for new experiences. They are well travelled, or have aspirations to join the ranks of the well-travelled. The ‘globalista’ is not defined by typical demographic statistics but by the places they have visited and the experiences they have shared. They embrace the unlimited possibility of the future and are open to an invitation to try the unfamiliar. Emirates is the brand that is enabling this global lifestyle.

As the world becomes more interconnected, borders are being blurred and people are more mobile and globally engaged than ever before; they are connecting, creating and sharing ideas that are propelling the world forward. Emirates is extending an invitation to try the unfamiliar, create new ideas, and form new visions. Our theme encapsulates life’s potential and embraces the future with all the possibilities it holds.

Emirates represents these global individuals who we call ‘globalistas.' They are Emirates' customers and also their multi-cultural work force which is made up of more than 105.000 people from over 165 different nations. Our campaign demonstrates the transformative power of travel when people of different talents and cultures connect, exchange perspectives and create new ideas together … 'that tomorrow truly has many authors'.

Dublin Connoly Station
Dubai International Airport

Emirates became the world’s fastest growing airline. Emirates recorded their highest net profit and was awarded 'Airline of the Year 2012' by the Centre for Aviation.

My modest contributions do not hold up compared to the months of excessive hard labour by the Strawberry Frog team in Amsterdam and especially by David Warner (ECD) and Craig Lovelidge (CD). Infinite respect and big thanks to them for inviting me and Paul Best (art) to work with them, Kevin McKeon, Jason Koxvold and Todd Beeby on this fantastic project.

EMIRATES hello tomorrow

EMIRATES hello tomorrow

What if... we ensouled tomorrow


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