SUHIN Autocenter Brand Identity
SUHIN Autocenter 
Brand Identity
Kirill Suhin's autosalon and service specializes in trucks meant to carry a special 
load, that requires a certain temperature: medical, pet-related goods, flowers, foods 
and dangerous payload.

Autocenter's clients are widely known Russian and international companies — Baskin Robbins, Shokoladnitsa, Sbarro, CoffeeHouse, Ginza Project, Oleg Sirota, Novikov.
We work with Kirill for more than nine years and everything online-related in his company is our responsibility. In nine years we created several websites, and its us who operates and develops the current one. We set up virtual ATS, call-tracking, e-mailing, CRM, end-to-end analytics, we run all of the ad campaigns. 

We're here to tell how we designed a logo, brand mediums and identity, YouTube channel appearance of SUHIN Autocenter. 
The elephant in the logo is a symbol for truck itself. In the ancient times elephants were used to carry people, equipment, heavy war machines, Angles geometry of the sign represents technology. The company offers not regular, but technologically advanced trucks with freezers and special equipment.
The logo served as a groundwork for the new flexible brand identity and central element for designing communications. 

Usually brand identity is created in a traditional way: a single-version logo is created and serves as a base for all of the communications. This approach has proved itself to be the most efficient, the audience identifies certain brand mediums, and brand identity appears to be solid, yet sometimes monotonous. 

For this identity we took a more diverse approach, using a set of flexible interchangable elements, and the new identity looks more fresh and interesting.
In souvenir products the logo can serve as a pattern with light-reflecting capabilities. Additional yellow color makes it even more noticeable on a nighttime highway.

Created the header and thumbnails for all of the videos in their YouTube channel.

Pavel Karasev - producer;
Constantine Faraktinov - designer;
Denis Faraktinov - designer;
Olga Starkova - designer;
Type Today - logo font;
Kirill Suhin - client

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SUHIN Autocenter Brand Identity