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Motion Graphics
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Magnati is a new payment method that is changing the way the Middle East and Africa shares money at every level. With payment solutions and services for all industries, their technology stays true to their name by connecting not only magnates but companies, governments, and everyday users through the powerful pull of their platform.
To demonstrate its attractive draw, FutureBrand asked us to direct this project to visually illustrate that making payments with Magnati is – to put it simply – magnetic. 
Magnets are, to this day, a little glimpse of everyday magic, invisible to the naked eye. Their mesmerizing movement, as they’re brought together by an outside force, is what we wanted to bring to life in this project.

In Magnati’s original branding, 3D geometric shapes slap together as if attracted by the force of a magnet, building a visual language for the way we move money today. Our interpretation springboards off of this idea, taking the feel of this magnetic behavior and expanding its possibilities, as we exemplify the power of the Magnati platform. 
Using a 2D style with a crafty, playful aesthetic, the viewer sees the same geometric shapes that they’ve come to associate with Magnati whisk around as if controlled by energetic off-screen magnets. You can almost imagine the conductor behind this orchestra of magnetic energy that moves the shapes from one part of the storyline to the next, as they create a tapestry of mesmeric motion.  
From the organized chaos that defines the magnetic language at the start to more literal representations of the brand’s services and aspirational, community based approaches to the way we share money, we watch the geometric shapes, like a guide, transition us through the ever-progressing narrative, until we reach the crescendo: a cacophony of images that visually demonstrate everything that Magnati is capable of. This idea is further developed through the ways in which we use the shapes: as simple geometric forms that interact together, as the building blocks of the scenes that characterize and drive the narrative, and as the catalyst for explaining abstract concepts. 
Character Exploration
Directed and Produced by Device
Client: Magnati
Agency: FutureBrand

Creative Direction:
Paul Silcox (FutureBrand)
Ben Barton (FutureBrand)
Producer: Stefanie Mathewson (FutureBrand)
Script: FutureBrand

Director: Ibran Trassierra
Project Manager: Victoria Ventura
Illustrator: Eudald Salarich
Storyboard: Ibran Trassierra, Eudald Salarich
Lead Animator: Albert Oriol
2D Animation: Albert Oriol, Edu Altarriba
Cel Animation: Giorgio Gore, Juan Huarte
Clean-Up: Eze Cruz, Giorgio Gore, Juan Huarte, Eudald Salarich
Edit & Compositing: Albert Oriol
Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece