Branding for Cafe-bakery "Galician strudel"

Coffee house “Galycky Strudel” is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv residents love to visit ancient city of Lviv on holidays, go for a stroll in the city’s old streets that smell with coffee and fresh bakery. That’s why appeared the idea to create small Lviv in big Kyiv; that’s how coffee house-bakery “Galytsky Strudel” was established.


Lviv is an ancient city where traditions are valued and respected. Lviv residents treat family values reverently, that’s why knowledge in Lviv was transferred from generation to generation without disclosure. Here we can meet the whole families of craftsmen, artists and bakers.
That is how we came up with an idea to establish a coffee house-bakery resembling Lviv bakery house.


Lviv famous families had their own abbreviations, seals and even ornaments. I developed all these elements in the visual identity. To highlight the vintage I used brown colors, craft paper and wax seals.

Client: Cafe-bakery "Galician strudel"
Art director, designer : Olena Fedorova
DTP: Maksym Finko
Photographer: Vitaly Vit-plus 
Аssistant Photographer: Nastya Shelupets

Branding for Cafe-bakery "Galician strudel"