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High Holborn Casual Wine Bar Brand Identity


High holborn
british casual dining with wine

The owner-chef Choi Seung Jae of High Holborn used to travel along with the history of spices and joined the LSE High Holborn dormitory in London, where people around the world gather. Among people in various fields such as music, food, fashion, and design, he permeated High Holborn as a cook and presented the world's cuisine. High Holborn, where the experience has become part of his life, is now reborn in an emerging neighborhood of Kumho-dong, Seoul.​​​​​​​


We have been inspired by a street with the highest point in London, High Holborn, and reinterpreted it into a casual wine bar in Seoul with London's free and artistic vibes. A British casual dining brand with wine pairings gives people an exceptional experience more than just a conventional wine bar. High holborn proposes a new communication pool for artsy people with fashion, music, art, etc. Moreover, Hh's recipe has been customized to capture the taste of Koreans with a modern twist of British dishes. Only fresh local ingredients are used for cooking the fusion cuisines. Also, they have paid attention to detail, even with the aesthetic of music with Lo-fi jazz, to suit the taste of stylish people.


High Holborn
British Casual Dining with Wine

High Holborn Jay Choi Chef-Owner

Brand Identity / Applications / Signage

Project Team
Brand Design: YNL Design

YNL Design 
Art Direction & Design: Liz Yoona Lee
Brand Design: Sohee Kim
Date: Mar. 2021 - May. 2021

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High Holborn Casual Wine Bar Brand Identity

High Holborn Casual Wine Bar Brand Identity