L3 "Electric urban trike vehicle" is a one-man urban three wheeled electric vehicle, designed and built for the tourist sector in order to move indoors, you won´t need walk long distances. It can also be used in the industrial and business sector to move indoors.

L3 is more fun with the plan to travel to different cities tourist attractions as well as being convenient and useful to the user that travels the whole experience without polluting the environment.

Designed for travel 7 hours for a range of 20km with only one charge (in a top speed), that can be recharged in 4 hours. Thanks a motor of 1000W and six 12V20Ah Pb acid batteries, L3 can get speed up to 50Km/h with the steering lock.

"visiting and caring the world"
L3 design concept evolution
Option colors
Driver interface; key on/off, safety breaker, brake lever, throttle and battery level indicator, (the entire handle bar is adjustable)
Front light
The combined direction system; the inclination of the driver causes the back wheels turn and indeed the entire vehicle giving a new fell and drive experience, designed for for small curves (turning radius 0.8m).
Showing the direction system from near with the back(red) and directional(yellow) lights
New handling
Adjustable height of saddle
New explosion view of parts, battery assembly.
And the totally functional prototype