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With washing machines and dryers becoming essential home appliances at home, the home appliance market continues to grow and demand is increasing. In addition, there are problems such as the burden of purchasing two large appliances, such as washing machines and dryers, and lack of space.

It is difficult to get in and out of the laundry due to the high entrance of the dryer, and you have to wait for the laundry to be done. It was intended to address users' natural inconvenience in the laundry laundry and drying process, such as having to move the laundry to a dryer.
User Scenario Analysis
User scenario analysis to identify issues and needs

When the user wrote the scenario of using the washing machine and dryer in chronological order, there was a lot of inconvenience in carrying the laundry. I found these problems and showed them through blue memo. And the idea to solve the problem was shown in yellow.

The user must wait until the washing is complete and move the laundry after drying. Transfer the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer and use two products. Until now, there was an inconvenience that users had to solve the connection. In response, a product, not a user, came up with the idea of moving laundry directly.
User Scenarios Sketch

When using washing machines and dryers at home, it is cumbersome to carry laundry around the house. Also, the time efficiency is not good because you have to take out the laundry and go through the drying process as soon as the laundry is done.

The inner container containing the laundry moves to the dryer through sliding with the finished laundry.
The principle that the washing machine works by sliding itself stems from the shape of water droplets falling.

The product's name "do it" means that the product takes care of itself without human help.

Internal Structure
The barrel acts as a basket. People don't have to try to move laundry by hand.
The barrel moves itself with the laundry and goes through the washing and drying process.


Push Open Door
Push open door that opens easily when pressed.

Detergent Inlet : Automatic detergent injection capability
If a large amount of detergent is stored in advance,
the proper amount is automatically given to the washing machine when the product is operated.


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D o i t

D o i t

The product "Doit" solves the inconvenience of washing through a washing machine. The barrel acts as a basket. People don't have to try to move Read More