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    Observational studies of the relationships between forms—Opera music, typography and colour.
The aim of this project was to:
- observe the relationships between differing forms, in this case music structure, typography and colour
- use art forms or natural phenomena to generate exciting visual material
- develop working methods to give rise to new and interesting work
This began through observing characteristics and structures in Opera music, then documenting these observations through varying art forms in creating visually exciting representations to reflect and communicate the nature of the inspiration.
The methodology behind the project promotes experimentalism and boundary-pushing trial-and-error as a source of learning, a factor I promote and apply in my design practice. Secondarily the project enhanced my belief that complexities of music can be influencial outside the sphere of sound.
Below: the original structure studies created with mixed media.
Below: found objects—a group of pins with a resemblance to some of my early structure studies.