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3D Art
Iterations - Procedural sculptures of geometric forms, using python in Houdini to rapidly generate geometry and textures. 

This work was spurred on by a recent talk I gave to LCC students in Spring 2021 about proceduralism for design. I wanted to create a system that could rapidly generate wooden forms that normally would’ve taken a painstakingly long time manually.
I implemented two systems for this approach, a custom python script that generated the correct geometry and textures for rendering and a procedural system that processed the forms and generated fixtures - with very little input from the user, the only thing done manually is placement of the blocks. As the script took most of the painstaking work - time could be focused on placement and structure of forms and the iteration of trying new ideas and placements.

Process - Python script iterates over the simple geo input, remeshes it, bakes out textures from the COPs setup and generates RS materials. A process that manually would take much longer, saving time for creative iteration.